Running on empty.

As per usual, I must apologize in advance for lack of updates and not updating sooner. The biggest reason for this is because I am as of this moment unable to fully pay my hosting bill. $116 still remain.
There are a number of updates this time around:

  1. A relative of Judith’s first grade teacher has been kind and generous enough to reach out. He has shared pictures of a mouse figurine Judith gave his mom in December of 1984.

  2. New, discovered commercial: Fruit Wrinkles (1986)

Thank you so much, Tracy, for finding and posting this! 🙂

The page is here: Fruit Wrinkles commercial (1986)

  1. Jaws 4 Premiere Photos


This and three other photos can be found in the candid photos album on this page of the website.

A HUGE thanks to Domi for buying and sending in the photos!

  1. Amber Tamblyn, a who started out as a child actress herself, has a poetry book on celebrities who died tragically. Unsurprisingly, she wrote a poem on Judith.

Amber Tamblyn

To purchase the full book, please go here.

  1. Finally got around to installing a working GUESTBOOK, so if you are inclined to, sign it or read it. Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

  2. So anyone can see and be made aware of site updates, I added a widget in the left hand corner of the screen. It takes you to the latest blog posts when you click on the post titles.

And, once again, I have to shamelessly resort to BEGGING for donations to keep the site afloat. As I stated earlier, my hosting bill is not yet paid in full.

$116 needed to fully pay hosting costs; $176 paid so far. Please give whatever you can!

Still a lot to do on the forum before I’m happy with officially opening it up to membership. The next update will most likely have full details on this.



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