First commercial found and other updates

I’m excited to have something to post about in nearly 2 months! Thanks to friend and fellow fan, Dominique, Judith’s Donald Duck Orange Juice commercial has been found. I remember Trixy, one of Judith’s best friends, told me that this was her very first commercial! 🙂

Here is the page I created for it:

In the last month I also found a scanned copy of the article Sherry Barber wrote about Judith and Maria. Here are the image files for it:



I now have a pretty good idea that hosting will cost around $420 a year this time around. I’ll take care of $100 of it. That leaves $320 to be raised by no later than January 7, 2017. Since I raised over $500 last year in 30 days, I know I can raise $320 in about 60.

Please give whatever you possibly can spare. Again, I need every bit of help I can possibly get. Thank you again friends and fans!

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