Knots Landing appearance added and full sized photo acquired

I’m really lucky to have friends like Tracy out there who help me keep a lookout for new appearances. She emailed me on the 14th of the month saying someone had listed a new Judith spot on She asked me if I needed it. I didn’t even know it existed! Before I knew it, she had already paid someone to send her a copy of the episode. I took screen captures and added the youtube video she sent me yesterday. So, without further ado here it is: Knots Landing. It’s very short, but as usual, Judith is cute and steals the scene. It’s now the earliest known TV episode on this site.

Someone was kind enough earlier to make a paypal donation–thanks again, Szilvia! I used the money to buy one of the photos I talked about last update. It’s a group photo of Judith with Lance Guest and two other ladies (Melissa Johnston and Carolyn Nelson Sargent). Click on the thumbnail for the full version:


Thanks again, Tracy and Szilvia! You two are worth your weight in gold! 😀

Donations of any size are always appreciated. The semi-annual $270 bill is due July 6, and I could always use extra help.

Thanks again, browsers and fans and feel free to contact me with any new info, questions, or comments. 🙂

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