Sears “More for life” commercial added

It’s been a good week or so for new finds. About 3 days ago, my friend, Katie, brought to my attention a Sears commercial she saw on youtube. She wondered if a little girl with puppies was Judith near the end of the commercial. The girl in question certainly did have the facial features and mannerisms, but the hair was very light, which threw me off. As a habit, I decided to ask Judith expert, Nancy, and she confirmed it was, indeed, Judith. Here is the link to the page I made for the commercial:

Sears “More for your life” commercial

Thanks, Katie, for always keeping a lookout. Thanks, Nancy, for always being there when needed. And thanks, Darrin, for editing and converting the commercial for me. Again, I marvel at having such great friends, who help without question.

Until next time. 🙂

If you can spare any amount, please give. My 6 month hosting bill of $270 is due in 8 days–any help is appreciated.

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