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1.    Who was Judith Barsi?
2.    Did you know Judith?
3.    Where can I find videos of
Judith’s movie/tv appearances?
4.    There is an error/broken link/broken
image on
this site. May I report it?
5.    What happened to this site?

Who was Judith Barsi?
Judith Eva Barsi (June 6, 1978-July 25, 1988) was one of
the most prolific child actresses of the 1980’s. In her short life span, she
managed to appear in 3 major motion pictures, 7 independent films/made for tv
movies, and anywhere from 50 to 100 television commercials. Off camera, she
tragically did not have a happy life due to a domineering, abusive father and
when she and her mother were on the verge of leaving him, he fell into a rage,
killing them both before taking his own life. In spite of this, Judith leaves
behind her work, her story, and friends and remaining family who remember her 
fondly. To read more details about her life, please see her biography.
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Did you know Judith?
D.C. Lundberg, Darrin Hazelwood and I, Celia Foster did not
know her but Nancy Kelly had the opportunity to know her the last year and a 
half of her life as one of her tutors. Hayley and Trixy were two of her friends
 in life and contribute to this site.

Where can I find videos of Judith’s movie/tv
Believe it or not, you have lots of ways to get them. All
of her major motion pictures (Jaws 4, The Land Before Time, and All Dogs Go to
Heaven) are readily available on auction sites such as ebay.com, retail sites
 such as amazon.com, and in local video stores to buy. The independent and made 
for TV movies are harder to find, but are again often available on ebay.com or 

There is an error/broken link/broken image on this
site. May I report it?
Yes! Thank you for noticing and caring. My e-mail is 
suaviterinmodo@gmail.com and when 
reporting to me, please be as specific as possible (tell me what page it is on
and which specific link/links/image/images do not work).

Please be aware that I
 am working on restoring the gallery, forum, and update page, so those links may
 not work for a while.

What happened to this site?
On August 15, 2006, this site was abruptly erased and
forced to move web hosts within 11 days’ time.

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Angel: Judith Barsi
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