First commercial found and other updates

I’m excited to have something to post about in nearly 2 months! Thanks to friend and fellow fan, Dominique, Judith’s Donald Duck Orange Juice commercial has been found. I remember Trixy, one of Judith’s best friends, told me that this Continue reading First commercial found and other updates

Sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with WordPress, my internet connection, and my keyboard lately. In April, I updated WordPress 4.5, and discovered that in the browsers Safari and Chrome, I was unable to see the youtube videos in Continue reading Sorry for the lack of updates

Christmas For Judy!

Once again, I must shamelessly beg in the name of web hosting. I dearly want a VPS hosting plan for this site from in motion hosting. For the whole year, it costs $574.00/year. I am spotting the first $100 with Continue reading Christmas For Judy!


Wow! Thanks to two other timely donations, this site is save (since Saturday) for until May 2016! That means I must now be ever vigilant for more pictures, video and info! I’m always grateful to my helpers out there. This Continue reading SAVED!

Running on empty.

As per usual, I must apologize in advance for lack of updates and not updating sooner. The biggest reason for this is because I am as of this moment unable to fully pay my hosting bill. $116 still remain. There Continue reading Running on empty.