From the Peter C. Borsari Photographic Archive

Since there have been no updates, I decided it was time to do something about that. Our friend and Judith fan Katie found image archives online. There’s a series of Jaws 4 Premiere photos–many in color. It’s costly at a Continue reading From the Peter C. Borsari Photographic Archive

First commercial found and other updates

I’m excited to have something to post about in nearly 2 months! Thanks to friend and fellow fan, Dominique, Judith’s Donald Duck Orange Juice commercial has been found. I remember Trixy, one of Judith’s best friends, told me that this Continue reading First commercial found and other updates

Sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with WordPress, my internet connection, and my keyboard lately. In April, I updated WordPress 4.5, and discovered that in the browsers Safari and Chrome, I was unable to see the youtube videos in Continue reading Sorry for the lack of updates

Christmas For Judy!

Once again, I must shamelessly beg in the name of web hosting. I dearly want a VPS hosting plan for this site from in motion hosting. For the whole year, it costs $574.00/year. I am spotting the first $100 with Continue reading Christmas For Judy!

New news articles (movie reviews)

While browsing old 1988 – 1989 newspapers, I came across 2 movie reviews praising Judith’s performances as both Ducky and Anne-Marie. I thought they were nice enough that they should be a part of the article collection. It’s sad to Continue reading New news articles (movie reviews)


Wow! Thanks to two other timely donations, this site is save (since Saturday) for until May 2016! That means I must now be ever vigilant for more pictures, video and info! I’m always grateful to my helpers out there. This Continue reading SAVED!

OUT OF TIME in 5 days.

Hosting account emailed me early this morning: “This is a reminder that your account # 275755 is past due with a balance of $116.00. Your account will be suspended on 2015-06-23 at 2:00am (PT).” I have $48.25 donated Judith’s former Continue reading OUT OF TIME in 5 days.

Running on empty.

As per usual, I must apologize in advance for lack of updates and not updating sooner. The biggest reason for this is because I am as of this moment unable to fully pay my hosting bill. $116 still remain. There Continue reading Running on empty.

More youtube copyright drama and The 1988 Project

A day or so after I last updated the site–which, honestly, was pretty recent (Feb. 17th)–youtube informs me that some people at Sony found the clip of Judith in ‘The New Gidget’ and had it deleted because they own the Continue reading More youtube copyright drama and The 1988 Project

Tinkering away…

Now it is possible to navigate all posted photo and video galleries. The menu has changed radically. It looks like this: The Photo and Video galleries are now organized by categories: Commercials and print ads (a listing of known and Continue reading Tinkering away…