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Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Celia

And I am T I R E D! I spent the last 48 hours deleting my entire wordpress database, installing a new wordpress and importing all site data so the theme I bought, Elation (for $21 per year), could actually display the way it is supposed to. That is the advice I received from the theme’s creator himself. I was initially terrified because I risked losing data in the transfer. I did lose pictures and videos, but have most of it back. It took some digging around and relocating media. In the end I didn’t lose much at all. And–dare I say it?–I think it works now (satisfied sigh)! Can you all see and navigate the theme/site? Please email me if you can’t.

I fixed the Kitten Chow commercial. It was previously unknown to me that neither the photo gallery nor the youtube video were working. If any of you out there know something does not work properly, once again, please email me as I am not always aware.

I had to move the Jaws 4 and Remington Steel videos to my flickr account as youtube would’ve banned the clips for copyright violations instantly. If someone wants to report me on flickr for “stealing” from NBC/Universal, be my guest. I’m keeping a sweet child’s memory and work alive. I do not profit from it; this has never been my intention. If bad goes to worse, and I have to remove the clips because lawyers say I do, I will.

Another good stroke of luck happened. I was browsing instagram late last night, and found a Jello commercial the poster says is from 1985. It is definitely Judith.

I am slowly working to pay off more debt because of the theme purchase. If anyone wants to help me out, donate whatever you can afford here. I always appreciate any help given.

More surprises soon to come.

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