Changed hosts (again) /podcast coming April 24th

Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by Celia

I’ve spent about $500 to get the site back up; I still owe about $130 on April 12. My new host, makershost, gives me 200 GB and unlimited traffic as opposed to 20 GB unlimited traffic. I still have little things to fix here and there. I am exhausted, of course. Getting a site to look and work the way you want it to is never easy. 

Now some news: A true crime podcast, Faded Out, is doing an episode on Judith, Maria, and Jozsef. It is set to premiere on Sunday, the 24th of April. It is by filmmaker Sarah E. DiMeo, a filmmaker and storyteller. She has been a Judith fan since she first saw All Dogs Go To Heaven as a little girl. It is an honor to me that she reached out. I’ve helped her as best I can with what I know. I contacted Dany, fellow Judith fan so Sarah could get in touch with an actress who worked with Judith. They have been able to collaborate. I am not sure who else she has been able to contact; come April 24th, I will be just as surprised as all the other listeners. 



That is all for now. Until next time. 🙂



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