Site problems and Entertainment Tonight promo added

About 3 days ago, my host informed me that due to my resource usage, this site had been suspended. I was dumbfounded. I scrambled to delete plugins, images, and anything else I could possibly think of to help. My host strongly encouraged me to upgrade, so after a few hours of deliberation, I did. The total cost was $ 184.23 for one year. It is all I can afford at this point. This is why I keep asking for paypal donations to help out with expenses.

Today I was randomly searching through youtube and found someone had a 30 promo for an Entertainment Tonight episode on Judith’s murder.

The original video is here:

Of course, I asked the user if he had the entire episode. Of course, he did not. I gave him lots of love anyway. If anyone knows where to find this episode, please email me. I am quite interested in acquiring a copy.

Because of the account upgrade, I am able to upload videos directly to this site. I did for this particular video. I also took a few screen captures from it. The page is here. It is also under the TV Shows portion of the main menu. The show is from 1989; I’m guessing from about the same time the documentary “Fatal Passions” came out.

If anyone wants to help me out via paypal, I would greatly appreciate any amount.

That’s all for now. Until next time. 😎

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