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A donation lifts my spirits

A donation lifts my spirits

Lo and behold, this morning I was shocked by a donation from a long time friend who isn’t even a Judith fan. With about 11 days left, I now need $30.25. It is doable! I feel 100% better about this now. Thank you, Phil! I love you! 😀 

Please donate $1 or more here:  

Pay The Judith Fund using Paypal.Me

I updated the theme (again) and took away the flickr photo stream plugin. It was taking too long to load. Now the site should load much faster.

That’s all for now. Updates soon to follow. Love to all who browse and read! 😛 

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Desperately needing help part II

Desperately needing help part II

I have changed the background image to make things easier to read. I have also tweaked the charitable donations settings–now appearing as the first sidebar widget to the right (the left side on the blog page).

The donations should work now as I have tested them out. 12 days left. Yikes. 😥 I need a miracle. Help. Please.


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