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To longevity!

To longevity!

It has taken 5 days, but it’s finally done. What, you ask? 

  1. Another hosting change. For $172.33, I’ve ensured this site will be hosted for the next 4 years! 
  2. New flickr galleries. Just look around on the movie, tv show and commercial galleries located in the main menu.

I am exhausted from finalizing all the work, financing, and all other details, but it’s safe to say I won’t have to worry about this site for another 48 months, and that makes me tremendously elated! *sighs* 😀 

Thank you, Hostinger, for your holiday deal and all the technical support. Moving this site took twice as long as I expected for the oddest reasons. 

If anyone would like to help out, please consider a paypal donation. I deeply appreciate and could use the help. 

Thanks to all friends and fans for your patience. 

Until next time. <3

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Getting things together

Getting things together

I had to go back and change the links to the Jaws 4 deleted scene and Entertainment Tonight promo because the host I switched to September 30 (October 1st their time) does not include Jetpack Pro for free and thus 10 GB of free video hosting. I’ve also transfered this site’s domain name because it will save me an additional $7.42 per year.

I am not sure why the home page keeps showing up as an older version of itself, but I think it has to do with the host and domain migration.

Slowly, things are starting to work again and coming together. More is coming later.

Thanks for all the paitence and support. It keeps me going.

Until next time. 🙂

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