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To longevity!

To longevity!

It has taken 5 days, but it’s finally done. What, you ask? 

  1. Another hosting change. For $172.33, I’ve ensured this site will be hosted for the next 4 years! 
  2. New flickr galleries. Just look around on the movie, tv show and commercial galleries located in the main menu.

I am exhausted from finalizing all the work, financing, and all other details, but it’s safe to say I won’t have to worry about this site for another 48 months, and that makes me tremendously elated! *sighs* 😀 

Thank you, Hostinger, for your holiday deal and all the technical support. Moving this site took twice as long as I expected for the oddest reasons. 

If anyone would like to help out, please consider a paypal donation. I deeply appreciate and could use the help. 

Thanks to all friends and fans for your patience. 

Until next time. <3

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Switching hosts

Switching hosts

Yet again, I’ve switched hosts. I needed to save money. This time, I’m paying $90 per year which is much better than $212. It’s been rough and tumble since I was kicked off a server that was hosting this site for free at the time. I don’t really make any spending money, so I have to wait for family members and or any site donations. This site is the most expensive bill I am solely responsible for.

If the site is buggy or goes down, the new hosting adjustments are why.

I will try to work out all the kinks soon. Please bear with me.


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Moved over; Twilight Zone clips added

Moved over; Twilight Zone clips added

Thanks to a wonderful black Friday deal, hosting for this site is taken care of until November 2022 at which point I will have to change hosts again. At least I have some breathing room for a little while.

I edited the Twilight Zone episode down to Judith’s scenes only and uploaded the clip to this site’s youtube channel. I never know when clips I link from other people’s videos will be taken down.

That’s all for now. 😎



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