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Error 404 and so much more

Error 404 and so much more

The customized error 404 pages look like the image above. Cute, yes?

More articles were added to the articles page.

I managed to find the .mp3 sound file I took from the Murder House Flip episode. My Sirv account automatically backs up every media file uploaded to this site which includes .mp3 files–how lucky is that? Thank you, Sirv! The file is back below the mp4 video clip.

With the addition of the plugin WP Last Modified Info, it is now possible to see precisely when each page and post was last modified.

Added a link to a blog article – BTTF# 19: The Tragic Death of Child Actress Judith Barsi in Canoga Park Remembered 25 Years Later–you can see a screen capture of the history of the selling of the house from Judith and Maria’s murder on to the current residents, the Bernal family, as featured on Murder House Flip.

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Murder House Flip slide show video added/cookie notice deleted/Google Translate/MailPoet Subscriber

Murder House Flip slide show video added/cookie notice deleted/Google Translate/MailPoet Subscriber

I’ve a lot to cover in this update, so here goes:

  • Added a video slide show of Murder House Flip from this article posted on the New York Post website. No copyright infringement is intended here. There is no sound in the clip because the video downloaded that way from the default website settings. In the original video, there is only background music. To see the clip, please go to the linked page above.
  • I decided I did not need the plugin for the analytics integration so I deleted it entirely. No more worries about cookies or browsing privacy.
  • Google translate is available to translate the site for all non English readers. A dropdown menu is located in between the site banner and logo. See screenshot below:


  • I’m working with a plugin called MailPoet which makes customized emailed newsletters each time I make a new blog post. It comes in handy if one wants to stay up to date with all site updates and changes. This is what the newsletter looks like:


There is a subscription widget on the right hand side of every page. It is the topmost and first one. It asks for the user’s email address to sign up.



That’s all for now. Until next time.

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Added Murder House Flip video clip and menu change

I added a video clip from Murder House flip to its page. I bought a WordPress add on from Codecanyon so it would be easier to organize all of the commercial appearances on this site. Previously, the menu was vertical and trailed off. Now it is possible to view and access all 27 listings. Figuring that out is a weight off my shoulders.

Point your mouse over the Commercials link of the main menu, and it looks like this:


Much easier to navigate, right? 😉

That’s all for now. Until next time. 😀

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Murder House Flip show mentions Barsi murders

I want to thank a friend of mine, Brian, a member on The Official Heather O’Rourke Memorial forum, for bringing the article on‘s website to my attention. A new show, which seems to be a cross between an HGTV makeover series and a ghost hunters show, mentions Judith, her career as an actress, and her tragic murder. I copied the people article and another from Fox News. The last one is from The Daily Mail.

[Fair warning: underneath the Growing Pains Graduation Day cast photo there is a full color shot of the photo of L.A. County Deputy Coroner David Masuda carrying Judith’s body (in the white body bag) from the house the morning of Wednesday, July 27th.] Visit the articles page and scroll past the flickr image gallery to read them.

Still working on something for the next big update (people who follow my flickr photo stream probably already know what it is). It will most likely happen on or near Judith’s would-be 42nd birth day (anniversary), June 6, 2020.

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