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Error 404 and so much more

Error 404 and so much more

The customized error 404 pages look like the image above. Cute, yes?

More articles were added to the articles page.

I managed to find the .mp3 sound file I took from the Murder House Flip episode. My Sirv account automatically backs up every media file uploaded to this site which includes .mp3 files–how lucky is that? Thank you, Sirv! The file is back below the mp4 video clip.

With the addition of the plugin WP Last Modified Info, it is now possible to see precisely when each page and post was last modified.

Added a link to a blog article – BTTF# 19: The Tragic Death of Child Actress Judith Barsi in Canoga Park Remembered 25 Years Later–you can see a screen capture of the history of the selling of the house from Judith and Maria’s murder on to the current residents, the Bernal family, as featured on Murder House Flip.

Please consider making a donation of $1 or more if you want to support my ongoing efforts to keep maintain this project. I could really use the money.  Thanks much in advance to anyone who decides to contribute.

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For the theme of it

For the theme of it

One of my friends said last night that the site layout –the theme–is hard to navigate. I am well aware of this. As of right now, I cannot afford to upgrade the theme to make the layout easier. It costs $21 per year. I am trying to pay off $81 in credit card debt before February 12. That is exactly why I started the ko-fi page so that perhaps someone would help out with site expenses every now and then. Upgrading the theme would help all others easily navigate this site; I just can’t afford to at the moment. I have made it the current $21 goal on the ko-fi page. If anyone wants to chip in, please feel free to do so via ko-fi or paypal. Any amount given is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Back to work for me. Until next time.