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Minor updates

Minor updates

In the past couple of months, I have changed the videos for The (new) Twilight Zone and The Fall Guy. The (new) Twilight Zone was missing about 20 seconds of editional footage and The Fall Guy video is much better quality than the previous one.

2 new articles are in the article gallery. All the articles are now viewable in the thumbnail gallery on the Articles page.

I’ve been working crazily hard to earn money to keep the site going and updated.

I added an image from the Season 4 DVD of Remington Steele. It was given to me by friend and fellow Judith fan, Tracy. Once again, Tracy, thank you.

If anyone is feeling generous, please make a donation of $1.00 or more by clicking here. I could always use the extra help.

Thanks to all friends, fans, followers and readers! You are why this keeps going!

Until next time.

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New theme and fixed video

New theme and fixed video

I changed the theme of the site. I hope all of you out there like it. I also noticed the youtube video of “A Little Peace And Quiet” of the New Twilight Zone episode didn’t work anymore because the video was taken down at some point. That is one of the consequences of using other people’s videos on youtube. I fixed it. It should work now.

Once again, if anybody is feeling generous, I could really use a donation for the site. I’ve spent all I could and cannot afford to spend anything more until Christmas.

If anything else is broken on the site, don’t hesitate to contact me; I will fix it.

Hopefully, more updates will come in December around the holidays.

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