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St. Louis Post Dispatch TV Magazine Cover and working hard

St. Louis Post Dispatch TV Magazine Cover and working hard

I was lucky enough to quickly find on ebay February 3rd:


The full version is in the rare photo gallery. Notice the special was called “Losing A Sister”.

Still working on getting the money for the full theme upgrade. I should have it within the next 3 months without any site donations.


That’s all for now. Until next time. 

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For the theme of it

For the theme of it

One of my friends said last night that the site layout –the theme–is hard to navigate. I am well aware of this. As of right now, I cannot afford to upgrade the theme to make the layout easier. It costs $21 per year. I am trying to pay off $81 in credit card debt before February 12. That is exactly why I started the ko-fi page so that perhaps someone would help out with site expenses every now and then. Upgrading the theme would help all others easily navigate this site; I just can’t afford to at the moment. I have made it the current $21 goal on the ko-fi page. If anyone wants to chip in, please feel free to do so via ko-fi or paypal. Any amount given is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Back to work for me. Until next time.