Sorry for the lack of updates

Last Updated on August 28, 2016 by Celia

Sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with WordPress, my internet connection, and my keyboard lately. In April, I updated WordPress 4.5, and discovered that in the browsers Safari and Chrome, I was unable to see the youtube videos in the Photos and Videos gallery. Now I use the latest version of firefox and can see the videos. I have tried posting on about the issue and they have not responded in helpful ways.
I’m sorry that all I can give you right now is the McDonald’s Way Out Desserts commercial (Thanks, Tracy!) and the accompanying screen capture gallery. If you follow this site’s Facebook page, I posted the same video on March 1.
I do have several things I want to accomplish when I have more money:

  1. Screen capture Slam Dance Bluray
  2. Screen capture Eye Of The Tiger

  3. Screen Capture Do You Remember Love?

  4. Screen capture New Twilight Zone – “A Little Peace And Quiet” episode

To do all this, I have to purchase a Blu Ray USB drive and this is in the $80 – $100 range.
I also have to buy the Slam Dance Bluray, and the Do You Remember Love and the New Twilight Zone season one DVDs. Slam Dance is running up a cost of between $17-27, Do You Remember Love is about $14.00, and season 1 of The New Twilight Zone is running about $12. Luckily, I have the Eye Of The Tiger DVD.
I want to personally thank Jason N., who donated $100 five days ago to my Christmas For Judy campaign. He did so Honor of Judith’s 37th birthday. The official campaign ended 5 months ago, which probably is why I got slapped with an $8.00 fee. But I really am floored, humbled and grateful for any and all donations as they help me from spending all my savings on this site and for this cause. I also want to thank Craig H. for his donation of $15.00 back in April.
I could always use more donations of any amount of $1.00 or more. Please consider donating as I cannot stress enough how much they help out.

The site Locate Tv ( sadly closed on April 4. I have yet to find a replacement but am always looking around. If anyone knows of a good celebrity on tv appearances tracker site, please email me.
I will have to change hosting by January 8, 2017 because I cannot afford to pay $1,018 per year. Again, I’ll accept whatever anyone has to give for helping me pay hosting costs. The VPS host I am looking at right now is about $539.46–much more affordable.
Thank you, fans, for being so patient with me. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

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