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Desperately need help!

Desperately need help!

I will be painfully honest : I am reaching out to all my friends and the entire internet fan base out here. I need to pay off the credit card I use to maintain the site. I only have until the 12 of January, or 13 days time.

The amount I need is $64.

I live on a fixed income due to my Cerebral Palsy and can’t afford to spare any extra money at this time. I have already paid more than $200 since October, and I am exhausted!

To donate, please find the $64 Drive Campaign side bar widget (seen below),

or click here.


I am shamelessly down on my knees begging–PLEASE HELP! I can’t miss this payment!

H E L P,


P L E A S E!

Thanks much in advance! 😳 

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To keep on going

To keep on going

Another generous donation, this time from a fan, came in yesterday. This person was as good as their word as they promised their donation a full week ago.  Only $4 more go now. The bill is nearly wiped from its slate. I never thought 2 people could be so giving; I never thought I’d get so close to $64 because no one had been donating lately. I suppose when the goal is clear and deadlines are pressing, the “magic” happens. I am eternally grateful for the support. Only $4 shy! I’m starting to believe again with a little under 5 days to go. Here’s hoping for a little longer. Thank you all who continue with me on this evolutionary journey!

Click here to donate.

Please consider giving $1 or more. Thanks and love!

That’s all for now. Until next time.

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Well, rats!

Well, rats!

I would have used much more colorful language, but I don’t want to be vulgar. I had been using a site to earn money to pay for this site’s hosting costs. I had enough money saved up to secure it for the next 2 years even BUT…I violated the service’s TOS agreement by using a VPN. I have been using a vpn for over a year now. It has taken me about 5 years of work to earn a little over $360. The hosting cost package cost $359 for 2 years. Now I have nothing. Hosting will go up to over $400 per year unless I move elsewhere by January 6, 2020. I can’t afford $400 per year, so I have to move to another hosting provider.

If anyone wants to donate to my paypal, now’s the time to do so; it is no exaggeration to say every little bit will help.

If anyone can, please help me out. Thanks from my heart!


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