Entertainment Tonight air date/unsure

My friend (and friend of the site), Tracy, found the air date of the Entertainment Tonight episode:

So, one step closer to getting a copy. 

Thanks, Tracy!

I have no idea why Sarah DiMeo hasn’t moved forward on her podcast “Faded Out”. This season, season 3, is covering Judith and Maria’s murder. Last communication, April 23, 2022, a Saturday, promised the first episode on May 1. I’ve emailed her 3 times with no response so far. I don’t know what else to do here. Sorry to let you all down. I don’t think I can do anything else. I’ve offered all the help I can give to her, but until she responds, nothing is known. I apologize for not knowing anything more. 

Friend of the site and facebook page, Wesley, found a PDF file of a 1987 copy of “The Land Before Time” (also co titled “The Land Before Time Began”). It has a few scenes which were not included in the final movie. On the “The Land Before Time” site page, scroll to the bottom and it is possible to flip through and read the script pages. Thanks, Wes! 

That’s all for now.

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New She-ra Dolls commercial

I’d like to start off by thanking Tracy once more for finding this. It is incomplete and screen recorded, as well as obviously dubbed en español. Can’t do anything about that for now.


Here is the clip:


The page for this commercial with the screen captures I took is here. You can also find under the commercial menus heading. I am making an educated guess as to the year this commercial was aired/filmed based on Judith’s hair length. If there is anyone who knows when this aired, please correct me. A lot of this is guess work.

That’s all for now! 🙂

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Growing Pains gallery updated

I added a few more screen caps from Growing Pains mostly because I acquired the full episode this morning from a new friend. I captured Judith’s screen credit. You can view the updated gallery here. Thanks, Lewis, for the episode!

Still working to make the site better and easier. More updates are coming.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

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For all it’s worth, I am exhausted!

I did meet the $64 goal on January 7, last Wednesday with an $11 surplus I never expected. I’ve already put it toward bettering this site. A final donor gave $4.00; this post is for her.

I’ve changed the theme; surprisingly complex story there. Hopefully it is much easier to load and read. I’ve also replaced the youtube video of TLBT’s theatrical trailer because I recently discovered the previous user whose video I was linking no longer has the account it was posted on. Ay, the consequences of using other people’s videos! The Land Before Time page is here.

If anyone finds any links or images that do not work, please email me. I am not always aware if content isn’t working.

Thank you to all who donated. You three really saved me this month!

That’s all for now. Until next time.




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To keep on going

Another generous donation, this time from a fan, came in yesterday. This person was as good as their word as they promised their donation a full week ago.  Only $4 more go now. The bill is nearly wiped from its slate. I never thought 2 people could be so giving; I never thought I’d get so close to $64 because no one had been donating lately. I suppose when the goal is clear and deadlines are pressing, the “magic” happens. I am eternally grateful for the support. Only $4 shy! I’m starting to believe again with a little under 5 days to go. Here’s hoping for a little longer. Thank you all who continue with me on this evolutionary journey!

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Please consider giving $1 or more. Thanks and love!

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‘The movie’s only real acting.’/A thank you!

High and deserved praise, indeed. Added this review from the York, Pennsylvania Dispatch. As with the other articles before, it is also viewable via the 2nd page of the article gallery.

Shout-out and personal thank you goes to Chris from the Judith Barsi facebook page for his/her/their recent donation to the site. This update is for you, friend! 😀 Your caring absolutely keeps me and this project going!


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Jaws 4 behind the scenes picture(s).

I’m on a tentative roll here.

I was browsing through Instagram searching Judith’s name, and I came across a couple of pictures. I decided it would only be fair to ask the person who posted these their permission. So, I must thank James Mercuri (stokedtotoke on Instagram). He’s a die-hard Jaws: The Revenge fan–you don’t find many of these out there!




(This  photo above is courtesy of Jim Beller and provided by James.)


I’ll find better scans of these photos someday. Until then, thanks, James!

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