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For all it’s worth, I am exhausted!

I did meet the $64 goal on January 7, last Wednesday with an $11 surplus I never expected. I’ve already put it toward bettering this site. A final donor gave $4.00; this post is for her.

I’ve changed the theme; surprisingly complex story there. Hopefully it is much easier to load and read. I’ve also replaced the youtube video of TLBT’s theatrical trailer because I recently discovered the previous user whose video I was linking no longer has the account it was posted on. Ay, the consequences of using other people’s videos! The Land Before Time page is here.

If anyone finds any links or images that do not work, please email me. I am not always aware if content isn’t working.

Thank you to all who donated. You three really saved me this month!

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James Horner’s The Land Before Time expanded edition

James Horner’s The Land Before Time expanded edition

I have to, as a soundtrack collector, pay tribute to the score of one of Judith’s most known films, “The Land Before Time”. I first saw the film in 1989 as a 6-year-old with my 5-year-old sister and my dad. I loved the music, especially the opening cue as it built up from near silence to a roaming crescendo. 

Nearly all the characters have their own themes and each helps tell the story. 

I remember finding a copy of the album as a 16-year-old while browsing at a Hastings bookstore. I later gave it to my grandma because I knew she loved the movie so much. 

I’m delighted someone decided to release all the music for this movie and will buy a copy as soon as I can raise the money for it. 

Here is a  link to a nice review of it on a James Horner music site which is particularly in depth:


You can buy your copy here

That’s all for now. Until next time! 😀 

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