James Horner’s The Land Before Time expanded edition

Last Updated on November 5, 2020 by Celia

I have to, as a soundtrack collector, pay tribute to the score of one of Judith’s most known films, “The Land Before Time”. I first saw the film in 1989 as a 6-year-old with my 5-year-old sister and my dad. I loved the music, especially the opening cue as it built up from near silence to a roaming crescendo. 

Nearly all the characters have their own themes and each helps tell the story. 

I remember finding a copy of the album as a 16-year-old while browsing at a Hastings bookstore. I later gave it to my grandma because I knew she loved the movie so much. 

I’m delighted someone decided to release all the music for this movie and will buy a copy as soon as I can raise the money for it. 

Here is a  link to a nice review of it on a James Horner music site which is particularly in depth:



James Horner's The Land Before Time expanded edition

You can buy your copy here

That’s all for now. Until next time! 😀 

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