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Last Updated on February 18, 2015 by Celia

Tinkering away…

Now it is possible to navigate all posted photo and video galleries. The menu has changed radically. It looks like this:

The Photo and Video galleries are now organized by categories: Commercials and print ads (a listing of known and acquired commercials Judith is in), Movies (a listing of known and acquired movies/made for tv movies) and TV Shows (her list of known and acquired tv shows). Hover your pointer over any category and you get a list of available galleries within that category in a submenu. Click on the one you want and it will load.
The forum is coming along and is wordpress style. I still need to make posts and perfect it before it is completely ready.
Also, I downloaded a plugin that gives the site a working guestbook. Yay, finally! Spam and nonsense messages will be deleted.
What I’m working on diligently:

  1. The forum

2. Acquiring a high quality copy of Fatal Passions (will take a while according to individual who has it) and the 1987 Children’s Telethon (no telling when person who has it will get back to me)
3. Getting missing Biz commercial video (heads up, Darrin!)
4. The related links page.
I added:

  1. Baby Kickie (commercial) – for some reason, couldn’t find anyone who posted the video on youtube, so I dug through my backup system DVDs and found the video and uploaded it to the Judith Barsi channel Baby Kickie photo gallery and video page

2. Bottletime Baby (commercial) – same situation with this commercial; I dug around saved files on a backup DVD, found the video I was looking for, and then uploaded it to the Judith Barsi channel – Bottletime Baby site gallery and video page
3. Since my link to a youtube users video of the first episode of ‘The New Twilight Zone’ (the second half of which happened to be Judith’s episode) was deleted for ‘copyright violations’ as per usual on youtube, I uploaded a quick version of all of Judith’s small part from my backup DVD to the Judith Barsi channel. – The (New) Twilight Zone site photo and video gallery page

Slowly, everything is working and getting better. I appreciate all fans’ patience and loyalty. Much more to come!

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