more youtube copyright drama and the 1988 project
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more youtube copyright drama and the 1988 project

Last Updated on March 4, 2015 by Celia

More youtube copyright drama and The 1988 Project

A day or so after I last updated the site–which, honestly, was pretty recent (Feb. 17th)–youtube informs me that some people at Sony found the clip of Judith in ‘The New Gidget’ and had it deleted because they own the rights to the footage and somehow a clip a little over 1 minute long infringes them from making money. If you’re wondering why that clip is gone here is your answer. First strike against the account, but I’ve been dealt strikes before. Of course it is not my aim to profit or otherwise benefit from 60+ seconds of tv show footage; I only post it to show off Judith.
Anyone know of a site or have space to host Judith’s videos without fear of ticking off copyright holders? Please advise me.

The person behind the website The 1988 Project emailed me to tell me that the site has moved to a new url. The site contains celebrity interviews talking about everything going on that year. It’s also a general site for EVERYTHING topical in 1988. Of course Judith comes up in two interviews:

  1. Kathy Wagner
  1. Heidi Twitchell(Zeigler)

I’ve posted the excepts from Kathy Wagner’s interview before (click on the link to see the past post entry).
Please check the site out and give it some love!

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