Fatal Passions images added plus Jaws IV outtake

Last Updated on June 7, 2020 by Celia

As promised in April, I have added image screen captures from the 1989 documentary, Fatal Passions. I cannot release the actual video because this was generously given to me by a friend of the producer from the UCLA archives for helping him find images of Judith he might be able to use in an upcoming TV program. If I were to post the video, I would violate copyright law.  The gallery page can be found in the menu under the TV show category.

I’ve added a new menu which should be easier to read and access.

It looks like this:

Fatal Passions images added plus Jaws IV outtake

I discovered while crafting the settings and updating the links of this new navigation system that apparently, Destination America (1987) hasn’t been on the radar for quite some time. My bad! It’s now there under the Movies and Made for TV Movies category.

I’ve also added a rare deleted scene from Jaws IV: The Revenge  with Judith prominently in it. I took it from Youtube back in 2012 and have not seen it posted there since. With my hosting upgrade last month, I am able to host short videos and I am chancing that I might be able to keep this scene posted here.

This will probably be the last update for a while. I wanted to make this one extra special as what would have been Judith’s 42nd birthday has just passed.

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That’s all for now. Until next time. 🙂


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