To longevity!

It has taken 5 days, but it’s finally done. What, you ask? 

  1. Another hosting change. For $172.33, I’ve ensured this site will be hosted for the next 4 years! 
  2. New flickr galleries. Just look around on the movie, tv show and commercial galleries located in the main menu.

I am exhausted from finalizing all the work, financing, and all other details, but it’s safe to say I won’t have to worry about this site for another 48 months, and that makes me tremendously elated! *sighs* 😀 

Thank you, Hostinger, for your holiday deal and all the technical support. Moving this site took twice as long as I expected for the oddest reasons. 

If anyone would like to help out, please consider a paypal donation. I deeply appreciate and could use the help. 

Thanks to all friends and fans for your patience. 

Until next time. <3

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Error 404 and so much more

The customized error 404 pages look like the image above. Cute, yes?

More articles were added to the articles page.

I managed to find the .mp3 sound file I took from the Murder House Flip episode. My Sirv account automatically backs up every media file uploaded to this site which includes .mp3 files–how lucky is that? Thank you, Sirv! The file is back below the mp4 video clip.

With the addition of the plugin WP Last Modified Info, it is now possible to see precisely when each page and post was last modified.

Added a link to a blog article – BTTF# 19: The Tragic Death of Child Actress Judith Barsi in Canoga Park Remembered 25 Years Later–you can see a screen capture of the history of the selling of the house from Judith and Maria’s murder on to the current residents, the Bernal family, as featured on Murder House Flip.

Please consider making a donation of $1 or more if you want to support my ongoing efforts to keep maintain this project. I could really use the money.  Thanks much in advance to anyone who decides to contribute.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

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Search box added and cookie notice

For your convenience, I’ve added an ajax powered search to the site. Ajax means it searches and updates the search as you type the words or terms. The search box is located at the end of the menu bar (see below screen capture).


I’ve enabled 3 different statistics collectors on the site, and as such, am required to let browsers/users of this site decide whether or not it is fine with them they are counted. I do and will not have any advertisements. This site will always be free. I do not make any money except for donations. I cannot see anyone’s private information such as their IP address, name, address, email address, phone number, and so forth. That being said, anyone may and can still choose to decline and not be counted as a statistic.

cookie notice

If anyone has any other related questions, please email me. The privacy policy, for those interested is here.

If anyone is interested in helping out, I need $24 by April 12 for buying a lifetime subscription to moavi software. I am using it to make Judith Barsi and Heather O’Rourke tribute videos to post on youtube. Donations can be made here or here. Heartfelt thanks to anyone who decides to lend a hand.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

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Desperately need help!

I will be painfully honest : I am reaching out to all my friends and the entire internet fan base out here. I need to pay off the credit card I use to maintain the site. I only have until the 12 of January, or 13 days time.

The amount I need is $64.

I live on a fixed income due to my Cerebral Palsy and can’t afford to spare any extra money at this time. I have already paid more than $200 since October, and I am exhausted!

To donate, please find the $64 Drive Campaign side bar widget (seen below),

or click here.


I am shamelessly down on my knees begging–PLEASE HELP! I can’t miss this payment!

H E L P,


P L E A S E!

Thanks much in advance! 😳 

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For the theme of it

One of my friends said last night that the site layout –the theme–is hard to navigate. I am well aware of this. As of right now, I cannot afford to upgrade the theme to make the layout easier. It costs $21 per year. I am trying to pay off $81 in credit card debt before February 12. That is exactly why I started the ko-fi page so that perhaps someone would help out with site expenses every now and then. Upgrading the theme would help all others easily navigate this site; I just can’t afford to at the moment. I have made it the current $21 goal on the ko-fi page. If anyone wants to chip in, please feel free to do so via ko-fi or paypal. Any amount given is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Back to work for me. Until next time.


Here I go!

Hello, readers and Judith fans!

Yesterday I began an update process which is on-going.  I’m working steadily on it. Lots more to do. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

(self-hosted, so youtube, google, and NBC can’t sue me for posting)

  • edited the Entertainment Tonight clip — it is now self-hosted also, just in case it ever has to come off of youtube. One never knows when linking other account clips. 
  • added better image of the Sea World Ad — thanks, Tracy, for finding it!

Here’s what I am attempting to do:

  1. Start a page to support the site. It is similar to Pateron, but doesn’t have as many fees. I will update as long as I can with content. 
  2. Get the theme to actually work. A few have told me the theme is broken. It is, unfortunately. I don’t have the money to fix it yet. Getting the money as best I can–very slowly. Here’s a screenshot of what it is supposed to look like:
home page


Sit tight, because the work around here is just beginning. More to come!

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A donation lifts my spirits

Lo and behold, this morning I was shocked by a donation from a long time friend who isn’t even a Judith fan. With about 11 days left, I now need $30.25. It is doable! I feel 100% better about this now. Thank you, Phil! I love you! 😀 

Please donate $1 or more here:  

Pay The Judith Fund using Paypal.Me

I updated the theme (again) and took away the flickr photo stream plugin. It was taking too long to load. Now the site should load much faster.

That’s all for now. Updates soon to follow. Love to all who browse and read! 😛 

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Minor updates

In the past couple of months, I have changed the videos for The (new) Twilight Zone and The Fall Guy. The (new) Twilight Zone was missing about 20 seconds of editional footage and The Fall Guy video is much better quality than the previous one.

2 new articles are in the article gallery. All the articles are now viewable in the thumbnail gallery on the Articles page.

I’ve been working crazily hard to earn money to keep the site going and updated.

I added an image from the Season 4 DVD of Remington Steele. It was given to me by friend and fellow Judith fan, Tracy. Once again, Tracy, thank you.

If anyone is feeling generous, please make a donation of $1.00 or more by clicking here. I could always use the extra help.

Thanks to all friends, fans, followers and readers! You are why this keeps going!

Until next time.

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Fatal Passions images added plus Jaws IV outtake

As promised in April, I have added image screen captures from the 1989 documentary, Fatal Passions. I cannot release the actual video because this was generously given to me by a friend of the producer from the UCLA archives for helping him find images of Judith he might be able to use in an upcoming TV program. If I were to post the video, I would violate copyright law.  The gallery page can be found in the menu under the TV show category.

I’ve added a new menu which should be easier to read and access.

It looks like this:

I discovered while crafting the settings and updating the links of this new navigation system that apparently, Destination America (1987) hasn’t been on the radar for quite some time. My bad! It’s now there under the Movies and Made for TV Movies category.

I’ve also added a rare deleted scene from Jaws IV: The Revenge  with Judith prominently in it. I took it from Youtube back in 2012 and have not seen it posted there since. With my hosting upgrade last month, I am able to host short videos and I am chancing that I might be able to keep this scene posted here.

This will probably be the last update for a while. I wanted to make this one extra special as what would have been Judith’s 42nd birthday has just passed.

For anyone who appreciates this site, please consider giving $1.00 or more via paypal. I could always use the extra help:


That’s all for now. Until next time. 🙂


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